Radio Program for ART POP
During the POP Montreal Festival
25 - 29.09.19



Rob Mackay - Heloise
Jan Fanfare and Dariusz Blaszczak - Walking with cats
Charlotte Biron & Audrée Lewka - Les danseuses au parc
Teresa Cos - The Archive of Loops: Voice-only session for Harmoniser
Wafa Ktaech - I'll let you know when I get to the next point
monikapich - Desire for Freedom_#poemontrial
Maximilian Marcoll - Decaying Values
No_Translation - Somewhere
Betty P - Breathe Together
Nikos Stavropoulo - Topophilia
Véro Marengère & Sam Bordeleau - In Silico
Patrícia Bizzotto - Here ear heart earth. Sinking float
Alana DeVito - showme:showyou
Funklabor IMM Duesseldorf - sehne
Stephanie Merchak - Unreachable
Harleigh Shaw - Simone
Jean Grünewald - The Unbearable Lightness Of Being / L'Insoutenable Légèreté De L'Être
Jazmyn Crosby - Flute Loops & Call Waiting
Nour Sokhon - Confirm Humanity Solo Excerpt Remix
dani Tardif - Amitiés Perverses
Michaela Schwentner - Dsv
Stephanie Creaghan - The Multitudinous Ends, 7. Feed (Excerpt)